ATTENTION 2018-2019 ENGLISH AND WESTERN WINTER BUCKLE SERIES PARTICIPANTS  Please find your age group in the document below and check to make sure your horse is not on the sheet under 2 different names (for example - their registered name and barn name). If they are under 2 different columns, your points will be counted separately. Please notify us at ASAP if the same horse is listed under your name twice, but separately. If you do not see your name, no worries we still are tracking your points. Thanks!

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Emails have already been sent to each individual winner.  The award ceremony this season is FREE, and ice cream/cake will be served.  Please click below to RSVP for the ceremony, or simply let us know how you will be picking up your prize if you will NOT be attending the banquet. This must be filled out by July 18th at 8 AM. Thank you!

**2018-2019 Winter Buckle Series Awards Winners List** 

Abigail Foster, Allie Redenbaugh, Allison Gelfand, Amber Parmley, Amelia Gusty, Amelia Tilden, Amy Standiford, Anelise Miller, Angelina Gusty, Annie Eitel, Aubrey Drifill, Audry Boatright, Avery Wrynn, Barrett Whaley, Brianna Barthel, Calista Boyer, Candice Christopher, Cannon Barthel, Cheyenne Brown, Delaney Dunlop, Devynn Darling, Ellen Chambers, Emma Turnbow, Emory Hornung, Evelyn Kronlage, Fallon Francis, Farra Francis, Grace Dane, Hailey Herman, Hannah Kerr, Hayley Gardino, Heather Fisher, Jadyn Vignery, Jenna Harmon, Jessica Payne, Jessie Donnelson, JoDean Brewer, Jordan St. John, Kailyn DeLine, Kari Edge, Karsyn Johnson, Kayden Prince, Kelly Doyea, Kira Blanford, Kristin Stities, Lanee Gowen, Laurie White, Lilly Stewart, Mallory Smith, Mariah Neiman, Mariah Stephens, Mary Watson, McKenna Cherry, McKinzie Rush, Michelle Petrone, Molly Tibbits, Paige Gowen, Pam Archuleta, Rachel Scott, Raina Fillmore, Renate Nieman, Sarah Berst, Sasha Bandock, Shelby McKinney, Sheridan McArthur, Shirley Russell, Skyler Whaley, Sydney Nelson, Vicki Hutson, and Vincent Wernsman.


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About Us


 Welcome to our 10th Annual Winter Buckle Series!  The series is open to all ages, skill levels & breeds of horse and is once a month for six months November through April. Saturdays are English & Western; Sundays are the gymkhana speed events. 

Awards & Prizes

Daily awards  are given for high point and reserve placings. Additional awards will be presented at the awards banquet.  Door prizes are given throughout both days.  


​Latigo is family friendly.  Bring the family and enjoy a meal and refreshing beverage at the restaurant while watching the show.  

The Details

Dates & Judges

3 & 4 November -  Johnathan Vrabec  

1 & 2 December  - Amy Carson Decker

5 & 6 January  -  Larry Willard 

9 & 10 February -  Dillon Martin 

2 & 3 March -  CANCELLED 

6 & 7 April - Linda Hitt

4 & 5 May - Jerry Olson


Had a wonderful time! Well run, good footing inside and out. Very safe and welcoming environment for the kiddos ~ Kim Wendel

I am so thankful for Latigo! Latigo is a step back into the western way of life from days of old with the benefits of modern conveniences. They promote youth learning about horses in so many ways. ~ Renee Seay


What's New

Start Times:

Saturday Office Opens at 7:00 AM - Show at 8:00 AM 

Sunday - Office Opens 8:00 AM - Show at  9:00 AM

Walk/Trot Senior English Classes are now offered. 

Novice Jr. and Novice Sr. Reining and Ranch Riding Classes included in daily/overall points. 

Open Ranch Riding & Reining will no longer be offered. 

Show Stalls

**New Stall Prices**

You must reserve a stall by either pre entering below or checking in with the show office the day of. Failure to notify the office that you are renting a stall will result in an additional $10 penalty fee.

Prices are as follows:

$15 for stalls w/ runs

$10 for stall alone

$20 for overnight stall without run

$25 for overnight stall with run

A $5 deposit will be required and will be returned once the stall is cleaned. 

An email will be sent for those that previously reserved their stalls online for the location. Signs will also be on the stalls to identify. Stalls with runs are next to indoor arena and the others are near the outdoor arena on the south side.  

Thank you! 

Reservations here


  • Win a custom buckle for overall winners in each age group at Awards Banquet.
  • Ribbons for placing 1-6 in each class.
  • Door prizes are given throughout both days. 
  • The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  


2018-2019 Winter Buckle Series
Awards Banquet @ Latigo
July 31, 2019

More details to follow!

For the most current updates and information, please see our new facebook page at

Find out more

Showbill & Entry Forms

New Changes PDF 18-19 (pdf)


2018-2019 Showbill Saturday (pdf)


2018-2019 Showbill Sunday (pdf)


Split entry eng-west 2018-19 (pdf)


Split entry Speed 2018-19 (pdf)